Do something today that you'll thank yourself for tomorrow

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Dress the Role

Simply put, you can’t just dress and continue to act like an associate and get the role of manager.  Dress for the role that you want instead of dressing for the role you have. ...

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Trend

Let’s be real for a minute.  Nobody actually wants to appear ugly even at the party where the sweaters are ugly.  The actual goal of ugly Christmas sweaters is to appear festive and attired...

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Create a Working Closet for Men

For the man who is busy, there is a way to minimize the time it takes to get ready in the morning and gain time by creating a working closet that is organized.  This...

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Dress Like a Grown Up

We all know that you can tell our age by our driver’s license.  What you might not realize is that at times people can tell our age by our wardrobe too.  Now that you...

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Coffee: The Human Fuel

Benefits of Coffee   Even though all of the headlines regarding the health benefits that you can get from a cup of coffee seem to change more often than some people change their clothes,... (public domain image) 0

How to Host a Holiday Gathering

Creating memories that are meaningful doesn’t mean that you have all of your energy and money drained away.  You can save both money and time if you know the following secrets. List It The...

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Essentials for a Cozy Home

It doesn’t matter what the season is, every single home can and will benefit from adding a few cozy, comforting pieces or elements.  If you are looking to gain a more comfortable and cozy...

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What is a Working Closet?

In essence, a working closet is simply a closet that is very well organized.  When people talk about working closets, it really means that the closet works for you and you end up NOT...

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Work for Yourself 101

Let’s face it.  The flipping economy is so bad right now that jobs can be scarce and it is hard to find anything that resembles job security.  If you have the mind to secure...