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my “favorite” child

iStock_000027492566XSmallIf I’m being honest, though, I will admit that I do have a favorite child. But before you start to worry about the other kid, the neglected one, let me add this: My favorite child is not always the same one.

I have one son who is laid back and self-reliant and flexible, and another who is high strung and routine driven and anxious. And yes, that means that one of my kids is easier — and often more fun — to be around than the other one. It would be logical to say that the easy kid was my favorite — and no one would hold that against me.

But that’s not the case. At all.

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The Same But Different is one mom’s story of navigating the teen years with a son who has ADHD and an anxiety disorder (because puberty isn’t hard enough already). Join me every Friday as I try to balance science homework, basketball practice and panic attacks without completely losing my mind.

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One comment on “my “favorite” child

  1. Savanna
    February 18, 2014

    I do appreciate the honesty and I am very surprised that more people haven’t commented on this post as it seems that it is more controversial.

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