by Susan

#1000milesI started running in 2010; the next year, I started tracking my miles pretty seriously. And it was a lot of miles. In 2011, I ran 1,295 miles; in 2012, I ran 1,206.

In 2013, though, I only ran 958.4 miles. (Only! Hahaha omg I have completely lost my mind.)

A lot of things contributed to the drop in mileage this past year; I was sick in January and again in November, for one thing. The weather was bad more days than it has been in the past three years. And by December, when I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, I could really jam in 60 miles in four weeks and finish the year at 1,000, I got overwhelmed by everything and just kind of gave up.

So that’s not good.

While I’m not one for resolutions, I am all about goals, especially goals that can be broken down into manageable pieces. My goal for 2014 is to run 1,000 miles (at least); while that sounds like a huge number, it averages out to just over 83 miles per month, or about 19.25 miles per week, depending on how you want to think about it.

Either way, that seems totally manageable.

I’m also planning to run at least two half marathons this year (the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon in April, and the Williams Route 66 in Tulsa in November). Those two races will account for several hundred miles of training runs, which is always helpful. And no, I will not be running a full marathon. This year or ever. I’m not that crazy.

Since this year has started with a cold snap of epic proportions, I’ve been making friends with the treadmill at my gym (and by “making friends with” I mean “trying to overcome my irrational hatred” because GAH I hate the treadmill). Kristen sent me a list of treadmill workouts, and while she stopped short of saying they would be fun (because TREADMILL OMG) she did promise that they would be more interesting than just running in place while staring a FOX News. (Why do I always choose the treadmill that faces the tv with FOX on it? Every. Single. Time. I swear.)

She was right, as always. I’ve been running intervals, which makes me feel like a total badass, honestly, and while I don’t know that I’m enjoying it, per se, I can see how it will be helpful. Still, I was super happy to get back outside today (because 38 degrees is like a HEAT WAVE, you all, for reals).

So here’s to 1,000 miles (at least) this year! And don’t worry, I’ll be tracking my miles here and on Instagram, so you can see how I’m doing. You’re welcome.

this week: 19.35 miles
2014 total: 19.35 miles