by Susan

These days, my weekends look like this.

Charlie’s league team played in a tournament today, in Norman. They hustled their way through three games, with only a ten minute break between the last two. They finished 2-1, which isn’t bad for a team that is struggling to find a practice time that works for everyone.

We got up early, drove 45 minutes south, and sat in a gym that was only slightly warmer than the arctic circle. The boys had to change uniforms in the hallway because they showed up for their second game and the other team also had dark jerseys on. Between games, Charlie snacked Skittles and Gatorade from the concession stand because his only other option was a hotdog or nachos and he wasn’t in the mood for either of those. When he was done playing, Wade took him to Pei Wei because that’s what he was hungry for.

And you know what? We all loved every minute of it. So many other things about being a parent have been completely unexpected, but this is exactly what I thought it would be like to have sons. It’s truly awesome.