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why I drink (and why I’m trying to stop)

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A variety of smart scientific studies have looked at the connection between ADHD and alcohol consumption. Teens with ADHD are at high risk for alcohol abuse, which makes perfect sense when you think about the fact that two key components of ADHD are lack of impulse control and poor planning ability. In addition, kids with ADHD tend to be socially immature, which makes them a target for peer pressure — and that, for many kids, is the fast track to underage drinking.

Other studies have found that the parents of kids with ADHD are more likely to turn to alcohol as a way to relieve the stress of raising a difficult child. Again, this doesn’t surprise me; kids with ADHD tend to have behavior issues, everything from just not being able to follow directions to being outright argumentative and defiant. While a kid who yells and hits will clearly be a source of stress in a family, the kid who just cannot make his own lunch or get his homework turned in or remember where he left his iPod — even if he’s pleasant about it — is also stressful to live with.

Henry’s behavior is a little of both; he is forgetful and disorganized, and when he’s particularly anxious, he can get angry and agitated. Either way, everyone else is on edge a significant portion of the time.

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One comment on “why I drink (and why I’m trying to stop)

  1. Thrift Store Mama
    January 5, 2014

    I am very, very careful about my alcohol consumption because I love cocktails and wine sooooo much. For myself, staying hydrated seems to really help lower my consumption and I have VERY firm rules for myself that I will not break (don’t drink at home during the week, only 2 drinks at a time when out or on the weekends).

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