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what I wore for the worst week ever

This has been A WEEK, you all. In all caps. For reals.

I have a sinus infection, which is hard to believe because my mantra is I DO NOT GET SICK. I’ve been hepped up on Sudafed, which makes me jittery and anxious, and I’ve also not been running, which makes me jittery and anxious. So that’s been fun. Especially since I have a half marathon on my calendar this weekend and a 5K on Thanksgiving day. Whee!

#getdressedOn top of that, one of my kids is having a rough week and our schedule is jam packed and the weather has been totally crazy.

And did I mention that I’m not sleeping well? I cannot imagine why. (OMG.)

I think about lots of things when I get dressed each morning, but this week, all I can think about is what will be comfortable. Or, if we’re being really precise, what will be comfortable to nap in if I happen to get a chance to lie down at some point during the day (which never happens, just so you know, not ever).

On Sunday night, when I still had high hopes for this week, I came thisclose to ordering a fancy skirt from J. Crew Factory. We have a party coming up and dinner plans for New Year’s Eve and seriously, who doesn’t need a classic sequin pencil skirt??? I certainly do!

#getdressed(I had my outfit all planned out in my head: faded denim shirt, big pile of blingy necklaces, pink silk bow flats. I mean, how festive would that be!)

But then Monday came and things went…awry…and a sequined pencil skirt didn’t seem like a very good idea. This week has been a good reminder of one of my favorite mantras: Don’t shop for Saturday night if your life is mostly Tuesday afternoons. But I have to admit, it would be really nice to have that Saturday night kind of life, just every so often. Maybe even on a Tuesday afternoon.

Part of me is a little sad that this week has been a Stretchy Pants and Denim Shirt kind of week. I could really use a date night, with pretty shoes and a little sparkle, but honestly, it’s been a relief to stand in my closet every morning and see all those stretchy pants and denim shirts. Getting out of my pajamas and into real clothes — even clothes I could totally take a nap in — makes up for a lot of the hard things. And not having to overthink what I’m putting on has been a lifesaver.

What’s the lesson here? I don’t know; I’m taking steroids now for the sinus infection so I’m still hepped up on the goofballs and easily distracted by shiny things. (Although I don’t need a nap any more because STEROIDS! I MAY NEVER SLEEP AGAIN!) But I think it’s this: Personal style is about a lot of things, including your mood. Some days,  a sequined skirt is the perfect option, but a lot of the time, especially at my age, it’s stretchy pants and a comfy top. And making the effort to opt for something other than yoga pants and a sweatshirt is a good start to managing the chaos.

In other words, no matter how bad my day is going, putting on pants makes me feel like I’m wining — or at least not completely losing.

What’s your go-to stressed-out Wednesday look?

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6 comments on “what I wore for the worst week ever

  1. Janet
    November 20, 2013

    Sorry to hear about the rotten week, but yeah for small victories (getting dressed)! Just wanted to share with you that I channeled my inner-Susan this morning trying to pull together a work outfit. I already knew it was a grey cord mini, w/patterned leggings and short boots (all kinda out of my comfort zone) and a purple cardigan. But what to wear underneath the sweater, I swear I was standing in front of the closet saying “What would Susan pull out?” Of course, the faded J Crew denim shirt with the cuffs turned up like in your pix above! Thanks for the inspiration, even though you’re having a rough week please know you’re still helping your style fans! ~ Janet

    P.S. You should totally get the sequined skirt, how can you NOT when it’s on sale!

  2. Gina
    November 20, 2013

    Some weeks you just have to hang in there. As my Dad would say… “Sometimes you just have to float for a while….then you can go back to swimming” Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Kate
    November 20, 2013

    Thank you for being one of the bloggers who writes about real life. Making it Lovely did that today about her perfectly functional bathroom and in this season of “buy buy buy” “more” “better” (which will only get worse in the coming six weeks), you both are a breath of fresh air. I hope your sinuses clear and the “life things” calm down so you can breathe easy soon.

  4. Thrift Store Mama
    November 20, 2013

    Uh – that stinks. Sudafed (the pseudophedrine version) keeps me from sleeping because it has a stimulant in it. Took me several years to figure out why. Now I skip the sudafed before bedtime and use medicated nose spray instead.

    Hang in there…

  5. Stacy
    November 21, 2013

    I often remind myself to shop for the life I have, not the life I wish I had. It’s saved me from some expensive mistakes!

    Hope you feel better. Steroids make me feel craaaazzzyy!

  6. Sian
    November 21, 2013

    For me it’s about finding that perfect combo of something that makes me feel confident, but that is also comfortable. What I need to avoid most on those days are things that make me look as dowdy as I feel inside, and I’ve discovered that is in great part the finishing touches. Did I blow dry my hair rather than sleep on it wet and shove it in a damp bun? Am I wearing cute shoes? Did I remember earrings? it’s those little things that somehow make me feel more put together,

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