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just another day

Yesterday was a pretty typical Tuesday at my house. I ran 5 miles in the morning (outdoors! in shorts! and a tank top! because Oklahoma weather is CRAZY), worked for a while, and then showered and got dressed for a big day of Kid Events. Because that’s what moms do on a Tuesday. Duh.

MonochromaticMy first stop was the boys’ school for the fifth grade’s Living Museum. Charlie was Jim Thorpe. He had to read a biography of Thorpe and write a little monologue about his life.

Yesterday, each kid in the fifth grade dressed up as their historical figure; they were arranged all over the library, each wearing a big yellow button that said “PRESS GENTLY” — when someone touched the button, they launched into their presentation, introducing themselves as their historical figure and narrating that person’s life. It was really adorable.

(When Henry was in 5th grade, he was George W. Bush. Just let that sink in for a minute. Especially if you know me in person.)

Charlie wore my dad’s letter sweater, from 1950-something, and we sewed a big felt C on it, for Carlisle College. He did a great job; he spoke clearly and slowly and had chosen some really interesting details for his monologue. I got a little teary when he talked about Thorpe and his twin brother Charlie being sent away to boarding school as children. There was an influenza outbreak; Charlie Thorpe, who was 9, died, and Jim Thorpe ran away, all the way back to his home in Oklahoma.

5th grade Living MuseumSheesh. Where’s my tissue??? (I assumed the only part of this project that would make me cry was the costume, because gah I stink at costumes. But I was wrong.)

Unfortunately, it was really hot in the library and Charlie was wearing the big wool sweater and he stood up for 40 minutes and probably locked his knees and wound up nearly passing out. So that was less fun. (He came home with me and ate some toast and a banana and went back to bed for most of the afternoon. Poor baby.)

In the afternoon, I pawned Charlie off on Rita (thank god for sister wives!) and fought the 5 pm traffic to go see Henry’s Academic Bowl team compete in their first district meet. By the time I slogged my way to the middle school (Edmond, you are so close and yet SO FAR AWAY OMG) the team had finished three of their four rounds, and had won two of them.

Their last round was against the eighth grade team from our school. Rivalry! Go Eagles!

7th grade Academic BowlHenry’s team won, handily. And they came back from 40 points down to do it. Excellent. As always, I was amazed by how smart the kids from our school are. They’re a good group.

The team finished second overall, which made everyone pretty happy. It’s good to see Henry finding his niche; his brain is full of random trivia and this is a good use for it. It’s also good for him to be in a situation where being smart is an asset. Sports aren’t his thing, but Academic Bowl has been great for him.

I spent most of yesterday feeling grateful for the teachers and parents at my kids’ school. Middle school has been a slog for us, what with the drama and the homework and the whole puberty thing. It was good to see my kids both succeeding and surrounded by kind teachers and smart, funny kids.

And of course, I wore my Pixie pants. Super comfy. The end.

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6 comments on “just another day

  1. Shannon
    November 6, 2013

    My older daughter did that Living History thing last year, in 3rd grade. She was Abigail Adams. :) Genevieve will do it next year, when she’s in 3rd. I hope she’s not George W. Bush. Ha. Ha.

  2. Rebecca
    November 6, 2013

    Okay, I bought some pixie pants but I’m thinking I bought a size too small. How are they supposed to fit? Like leggings or looser?

    • Susan
      November 7, 2013

      I would say that they should fit like a structured legging (Wade just described mine as looking like “ski pants,” which totally made me laugh). So they’re not loose — they really should FIT — but they’re not going to stretch out through the waist and thigh like a cotton-blend pant with spandex will, if that makes sense.

      • Rebecca
        November 7, 2013

        Okay, so I think mine fit right. I’m just getting used to this whole legging thing still. Haha!!

  3. Stacy
    November 7, 2013

    What is it about the Living Museum? At our school there is always a fifth grader who passes out or comes close to it. Still, a great activity.

    I have one very academic and sometimes awkward child. Well, she’s grown now and turned into a great young woman-she grew into herself. Anyhoo—-Odessey of the Mind and Model United Nations was her thing. Both great programs which enabled her to have a niche.

    And middle school? Yuck! Keep on keepin on!

  4. Thrift Store Mama
    November 7, 2013

    During the last election, my then 5 year old was obsessed with Mitt Romney. I think it’s because my husband told her that he liked skiing and had a lot of money. It was actually sort of embarassing, because other than my husband we didn’t really have any Republicans in our circle of acquaintances and I was active in local Democratic politics.

    But anyway, glad your older middle schooler has found a “thing” – seems to make all the difference.

    And reading your blog reminded me that I should really go shower and get dressed.

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