good things

It’s been so long since I’ve written anything that I don’t know where to start. So how about with a few things I’ve read, and a couple of things I’m coveting? That should do it.

Alex and Ani New Beginnings bangle

Through December, 20% of the proceeds from the Alex and Ani New Beginnings bangle (above) go to Add that to your Christmas list, stat. Or just buy it for yourself now. Maybe as a treat for surviving the summer without killing anyone. Ahem.

How to know if your photo is a selfie. “Remember when your grandma took a photo of you with your iPhone, and half her finger covered the lens? Your grandma did not take a selfie, even though part of her body was visible in the photo.”

Why you should wear the same thing to every meeting. AMEN, SISTER.

“Pretend you’ve never used an indoor toilet before. Scream after flushing.” (Note to self: Send the kids funnier texts.)

Riley Currey celebrates turning 3 by busting a move. You go, girl.

This flower print shift dress from Boden is everything. Seriously.

Serge Ibaka likes to shop. Sometimes my sports blogs start to look a lot like my style blogs. #worldscolliding